Sexually Transmitted Infections

Your Guide to Sexually Transmitted Infections and HIV

Sexually Transmitted Infections, (STIs) are exactly that… sexually transmitted. You cannot catch them from toilet seats, swimming pools, holding or shaking hands, insect or animal bites, kissing or sharing cutlery or crockery.

Be aware, STIs won’t always give you any symptoms, so just because everything feels ok, doesn’t mean it is ok! If you have EVER had sex without a condom or the condom has split or come off, get tested for infections. If you use condoms correctly and they don’t split or come off, you are protected against most STIs and HIV. (See “How to Put on a Condom” for advice). Nottingham sexual health services runs lots of clinics where you can be tested¬†www.nuh.nhs.uk/SexualHealthServices.

Be aware, most STIs can be transmitted through ORAL sex as well as penetration, so always use a condom or dental dams for oral sex. (Dental dams are rectangles of latex placed over the vagina or anus for oral sex. You can get them free through the C-Card Scheme.)