Young People and the Law

Whether you are 16 or 60, in order for sex to be legal it MUST be consenting, meaning, everyone who is having sex WANTS to have sex and says they do.


  • Consent MUST be given for sex to take place at any age. If you are not sure your partner wants sex, DON’T do it!
  • If the person you want to have sex with is drunk or has used drugs, they may be unable to give full consent – in the eyes of the law this means they did NOT consent to sex and it is rape if penetration takes place.
  • NO means NO!! Don’t think they secretly want sex – if they said “NO”, they meant “NO”!!
  • Not sure? DON’T do it!!

Confidentiality and Under 16s

The legal age for sex in the UK is 16 years, however, if you are under 16 years the worker who is registering you won’t automatically report you to any authority for having sex. They will ask you some questions to ensure you are safe and encourage you to talk to them in the future. They will ask you questions like:

  • Do you understand what we’ve discussed about sex?
  • If you do not get condoms or support will you still have sex without condoms?
  • How would you feel if you/your partner got pregnant or got an infection?
  • Does you mum/dad/legal guardian know you’re having sex? Can you talk to them about sex? Can you talk to them about using condoms?

If the worker feels confident you or your partner is safe they will register you and give you condoms and lubes.

The C-Card Scheme is a confidential service. This means that what you say to any of the workers will, in most cases, stay between you and the worker. HOWEVER, if the worker feels that what you are telling them shows you or someone else is at risk from serious harm from any sort of abuse, they will have to tell other authorities in order to protect you or the other person in the future. They will inform you of this course of action and work with you to stop the abuse from happening in the future.